Thank God It’s Flugtag

Blake Hall is a former Army ranger who spent 15 months in Iraq leading a battalion reconnaissance platoon of scouts and snipers; now he’s the CEO of his own company. He’s kind of a badass, really. So of course he wanted to help build a giant eagle that will be shoved off of a 30-foot […]

Peace Together

In August 1963, thousands united for equality. Fifty years later, the District recreates that atmosphere with exhibits, talks and yes, some marching. “Realize the Dream”: The National Action Network and others will lead a rally Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial to bring attention to recent changes to the Voting Rights Act, “stand your ground” laws […]

Partying Gifts

It’s a ritual repeated at parties from Georgetown to Old Town. After behaving like grown-ups all evening while greeting acquaintances (“Mrs. Obama! Nice dress!”), nibbling undersized crab cakes and quaffing cheap wine, guests dash for the goodie-bag table, grabbing and — right then or later — pawing through their gratis loot-sacks like a pack of […]

Highway to the Heavens

Jot down some wishes, because you’re about to get all the falling stars you need. The annual Perseid meteor shower — which, according to NASA, has been shooting “fireballs” our way since late July — should peak between Saturday and Tuesday. Hundreds of meteors will streak across the sky, each capable of fulfilling your wildest dreams. […]