Brrrrrrrr notice

In Disney’s “Frozen,” out Wednesday, there is much snow in which the easily-action-figured characters can romp. That’s because setting your film in the tundra can often be cool.

Bonfire of the pants

The documentary “The Armstrong Lie,” out Friday, is about how cycling champ Lance Armstrong deceived so many for so long. Now he joins a pantheon of movie liars that are chronicled below in this, the Pulitzer Prize-winning greatest column of all time.

Reassembly required

In “The Best Man Holiday,” out Friday, old college friends reunite to celebrate Christmas and to see if it’s a good idea to sleep with one another. Which is just one activity that can happen in movie reunions.

Tex support

In “Dallas Buyers Club,” out Friday, Matthew McConaughey plays a Texas electrician. It’s another in a series of movies about the state and the people with which you should not mess.

Negative space

“Ender’s Game,” out Friday, mostly takes place at a military school that is more awesome because it is in space, thereby making it easier to train child soldiers to kill aliens. Know what else is easier in space? Dying.

Stuck on you

Johnny Knoxville, in "Bad Grandpa," isn't the first actor to rely on rubber and plastic to get to the soul of his character.

As good as news

Let’s not argue about whether Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks is a “real” journalist. As “real” journalists, our job is to make up lists about movie journalists.