Face Time: Rachel Roy

We talked with Rachel Roy, the Cali-born iconic designer, about her career path, her affordable secondary line and fall trends (hello, leather!).

Man, those are nice shoes

Dear Manolo, My engineer husband needs a new pair of shoes. He has had the same pair of black wingtips for the last 20 years, which he wears to every function that requires shoes more formal than sneakers. Can you suggest something brown?

A wardrobe that works

D.C. stylist Lauren Rothman (styleauteur.com) has helped dress everyone from interns to high-level execs. The local stylist tackles these issues in her new book, “Style Bible: What to Wear to Work” ($23, Bibliomotion).

Bazaar Choices

You’ve been able to score art deco cocktail shakers, aged Turkish rugs and Edwardian oddities at the Georgetown Flea Market since 1972. And jewelry makers, antique-postcard dealers and African-mask sellers have plied their wares outside Capitol Hill’s Eastern Market since 1974. But in the past couple of years, these granddaddies of D.C.’s outdoor souk scene […]

A Cure for Crafters?

It’s a wonder I’m able to type these words. An avid crafter, I’ve Krazy Glued my fingers together while decking Converse sneakers with rhinestones, and I’ve come close to running a sewing-machine needle through my pinkie a dozen times. My location in D.C. doesn’t exactly make it easy to get my craft on. Despite the […]

Face Time: Alie & Georgia

A YouTube video on making McNuggetini cocktails from McDonald’s shakes and chicken bits turned Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark into viral video stars in 2009. Since then, the Los Angeles mixologists/vintage-dress fiends have starred in “Classy Ladies,” a cookingchanneltv.com Web series on highball crafting. Their new travel show, “Tripping Out With Alie & Georgia,” just […]

Surprise Visits

Unless you’ve been living under a boulder (or have a severe seafood allergy), you’ve probably heard Baltimore’s a great day trip if you like crabcakes. Ditto a jaunt to Richmond if you’re obsessed with Civil War history. Still, summer trips don’t have to tread the beaten path. Here are three familiar cities, all within a […]