No-Fear Beer

Don’t tell the frat boys downing Miller High Life or PBR in Adams Morgan, but there’s a flood of better-tasting brews out there, stuff worthy of the serious sipping and sniffing usually associated with wine. And, maybe in a nod, er, quaff to the locavore food movement, many of these beers have been produced by […]

Loafing Around

The advice you gave last week to the lady who wanted sandals for the end of summer got me thinking about the fall. Can you recommend something both casual and somewhat on-trend? —Viki Manolo says it is only natural that we should all be desiring the end to this interminable summer of suffering, that we […]

Confessions of a Bad Packer

On my last vacation, I completely overstuffed my suitcase. When the blond clerk from our hotel on a Croatian island offered to carry my bag up to my room, I nodded yes at her nicely — after all, I could barely lift the hulking Samsonite. It was only after she turned around to leave the […]

Face Time: Joel Stein

Some men find out that a son is on the way and order cigars. When Time magazine staff writer Joel Stein learned that he and his wife were having a boy, he had a panic attack, fearing that he wouldn’t be able to teach his offspring about guy stuff like camping and tools. His book […]

Rule the Roast

Think cooking hunks of meat is as retro as June Cleaver or Carol Brady? Think again. “Roasts are very relevant today,” says Neil Fletcher Wilson, a Hyattsville, Md., personal chef (301-699-2225, who also teaches at L’Academie de Cuisine. “If you look at the menus at fine-dining restaurants, you’ll see a lot of roasted items. […]

Face Time: Sophie Kinsella

The heroines of Brit chick-lit goddess Sophie Kinsella overbuy at Barneys, suffer from spates of amnesia and are forever messing up at work. Yet this doesn’t keep them from finding romance — or Kinsella, creator of the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” series, from selling books. Her latest novel, “I’ve Got Your Number” ($25, Dial Press), […]

Goodbye, Love

We may not approve of dragging out a breakup until after the holidays, but we can’t deny the rationale. If you don’t get it out of the way by Thanksgiving, it seems mean to do it just before Christmas, which rolls you right into New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. Which leaves you buying a present […]

Best of D.C. Shopping & Style

This U Street bargain basement, where free books greet you at the door, boasts a modern, trendy vibe, with vintage must-haves such as ’70s high-waisted jeans and oversized vibrant silk blouses adorning the racks. Statement accessories such as large cocktail rings sit in glass jewelry cases or on the girly-girl vanity.

Face Time: Dana Tai Soon Burgess

In his spare, contemporary dance works, D.C.-based Korean-American choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess fuses Eastern and Western traditions, weaving together disparate elements such as martial arts, sculpture and edgy music. His eponymous company’s “Becoming American” performance makes its world premiere Friday through Saturday at Dance Place. So what’s “Becoming American” about? It was inspired by […]

DIY Diva

If the new DIY movement has a fairy godmother, it’d be Grace Bonney, the Brooklyn blogger behind Design*Sponge (, one of the Web’s most popular nesting sites. In her trademark “You can do it!” attitude, she and her staff chronicle home trends including alphabet rugs and zigzag curtains; reveal readers’ crafts (pillow sewing, chair painting); […]