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A Celebration of the Beer of Baltimore

Beer/spirits tasting

Editorial Review

We’ve gotten some flack about writing about the return of National Bohemian Beer to D.C. taps. We realize there are some people out there who don’t think Natty Boh is a good beer. But we can all agree that Charm City makes some truly great beers, and the proof will be on tap at Meridian Pint during “A Celebration of the Beer of Baltimore.” Nineteen of the Pint’s 24 taps will be turned over to beers made by the Brewer’s Art, Oliver or Stillwater breweries, including a handful of collaborations among the three. (For the record, we’re really psyched about being able to get drafts of Brewer’s Art Ozzy, Green Peppercorn Tripel, Resurrection and the Stillwater-collab Débutante.) Oliver gets 10 drafts, including its Stillwater collaboration Channel Crossing #3, while Stillwater itself gets a trio of taps. And then there are another three casks, including a version of Oliver’s seasonal Jacob’s Winter Celebration aged in Beaujolais Nouveau barrels and the new MP2, which Meridian Pint’s Sam Fitz brewed up at Oliver. Get there early or go home disappointed.