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Fans of the bleepy, bassy, get-on-the-dance-floor-now sound of the "Dutch house" musical style know that Afrojack is the rising star of the anything-goes electro-house scene. Mainstream clubbers have started paying attention after two off-the-charts remixes for Lady Gaga, including a banging reworking of "Alejandro" on the singer's new EP and the percussive tribal rhythms of "Louder Than Words," a collaboration with hitmaking DJ David Guetta. He's truly one to watch. Afrojack (Nick van de Wall) is making his first D.C. appearance at Lima this week, and it's going to be interesting to see how much damage his beats do to the dance floor. We suspect he'll be in a much bigger venue the next time around, so don't miss this. (Psst: Follow the links to Facebook from clubglow.com and you can get a coupon worth $10 off admission.)