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Al B. Sure Meet and Greet


Editorial Review

He had a unibrow. He rocked tight acid wash jeans with strategically placed rips, sometimes completing the ensemble with a matching jean jacket. But Al B. Sure's fashion choices, along with his nasal falsetto, were more than enough to drive the ladies wild 20 years ago when the new jack swing sound ruled clubs, airwaves and tape decks. The hits were serious. Of course there's "Rescue Me" and the slow jam classic "Nite And Day," but what do y'all know about that "If I'm Not Your Lover" remix with Slick Rick? Exactly. Al B. Sure is opening a new chapter as an artist, attempting to bring his sound out of nostalgia into the modern age with a new album on Hidden Beach Records (listen) and he'll be "in effect mode" with the Daylight crew this evening meeting fans and signing autographs.

-- Rhome Anderson (June 2009)