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All Cocktails Is Local


Editorial Review

Completing our Week for Vintage Cocktail Buffs is "All Cocktails Is Local," a delicious history lesson brought to us by Phil Greene of the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans. He and local bartender Derek Brown are setting up shop at Rock Creek restaurant in Chevy Chase to discuss the intersection of history and specific drinks, from the Ward Eight -- a bourbon drink created in Boston in 1898 to celebrate a new state legislator's election -- to the Rickey, which took its name from Joseph Rickey, the lobbyist who invented it at a bar called Shoemaker's on Capitol Hill. The lecture -- which includes tastings of all the beverages discussed -- lasts 90 minutes and costs $35 in advance. (You'll pay more at the door.) Reserve a spot on the museum's Web page.

-- Fritz Hahn (January 5, 2008)