Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse

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Editorial Review

Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse is one of the few theaters in the Metro area that mixes beer-drinking with movie-watching.

The drafthouse sells food -- including sandwiches, pizza and that 'ol standby, popcorn -- and beverages (including ones with hops) during the screening of second-run films, allowing for a more relaxed cinematic experience. The comfortable chairs and lounge setting more than make up for the theater's slightly physically run-down condition. Smoking is permitted but only in the center section of seats. The screen size is comparable to a moderately large theater and the venue is usually crowded. Patrons 21 and older, or those accompanied by a parent, are permitted to enter.

Perhaps it's because of the alcoholic drinks on the menu, but experiencing a movie here is vastly different than at other theaters. It feels more like a shared group experience.

-- Chad Capellman, with updates by Jen Chaney

Modified for Hearing Impaired: No
Disabled Access: Entering through the rear of the theater, those in wheelchairs have limited access to tables. The restrooms are wheelchair-accessible.