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Over the last few years, a number of local DJs have gone from being the guys who spin dance tunes to the guys who make the dance tunes. Singles by Tittsworth, Dave Nada, Nadastrom and Fort Knox Five have hit the iTunes and Beatport charts, continuing a proud tradition of D.C. DJs that includes Deep Dish and Thievery Corporation. The latest remixer-turned-creator is Will Eastman of Bliss, whose single "Feelin'" comes out on New York's Plant Music in December. It's a monster of a disco-funk tune with pounding synths on the breakdowns and house-y keyboards -- just the kind of thing to get the dance floor at the Black Cat moving tonight at the single's release party. DJs Christine Moritz and Yes Giantess open the all-ages event, and you can grab a Yes Giantess preview mix from the Bliss Web site.