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Bourbon Barrel Beer Tasting

Beer/spirits tasting

Editorial Review

One of the brewing industry’s favorite trends in recent years: Beers aged in bourbon barrels. Brewers from Allagash to D.C. Brau have tried leaving beers in wooden barrels that formerly held maturing bourbon, allowing the brews to absorb the mellow vanilla, spice and char that the booze left behind. These beers are richer and sweeter than usual, making them perfect for a winter evening.

Sunday, Bourbon’s Bourbon Beer Barrel Tasting offers draft beers that were aged in bourbon barrels. The one to get excited about is local: soon-to-open 3 Stars and Baltimore’s Oliver Breweries collaborated on a blend of rye pale ale and rye porter, which was aged in Hudson Rye Whiskey barrels. You can also try Allagash Curieux aged in a Bookers Bourbon barrel, Great Lakes Blackout Stout aged in a Buffalo Trace barrel and Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout.

There will also be bourbon-aged beers in bottles, and you can get $2 off any pint when you order a shot of Buffalo Trace, Bookers or Hudson Rye Whiskey.