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Close To The Edge

Please note: This event has already occurred.

Editorial Review

Teenagers are rocking high-top fades and gold dookie ropes, but it's 2008 instead of 1988. Some of them have even managed to scrounge up boomboxes. Nike has long since reissued the classic Air Jordans, so some of these kids look like they could have been an extra on the set of "Do the Right Thing." When the '80s retro trend first creeped in, I found it a bit jarring to see mirror images of himself from 20 years ago, but now he's actually seen kids inquiring about Kool G. Rap, Big Daddy Kane and Brand Nubian. I've come across them on blogs comparing and trading classic hip-hop MP3s the way we discovered the soul and funk of our parents' record collection. So if you happen to know some of these kids finding inspiration in the hip-hop that you grew up on, bring them to along to the Black Cat tonight. DJ Dredd's putting on his Close To The Edge party, a celebration of golden age and old-school b-boy classics.

-- Rhome Anderson (Nov. 2008)