Editors' pick

Cosmo Baker


Editorial Review

When we talk about world-famous DJs coming to D.C., they're usually booking spots at U Street Music Hall, Glow or the Warehouse Loft. Not this time. Try, instead, the wonderfully low-key Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar - a great place to check out New York-based hip-hop DJ Cosmo Baker. His resume is fat with underground cred: Spinning alongside King Britt at the Back 2 Basics party in Philadelphia, starting the weekly The Remedy hip-hop jam with his friend Rich Medina back in the late '90s, then joining New York DJs Ayres and Eleven to form the Rub, Voltron-style, where hip-hop classics meld into New Jack Swing party jams which morph into funkified disco grooves. His kitchen-sink turntable style has been an influence on Diplo and a whole new school of spinners. This will be one of the sickest nights of the weekend, and it's all going down for free upstairs at Miss Whiskey's. Resident DJ Sharkey opens.