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Craft Distiller's Expo


Editorial Review

We're in the middle of D.C. Whiskey Week. Surprised? You probably are -- it hasn't been as well publicized as D.C. Beer Week, for example, and has nowhere near as many events. (On the other hand, some tastings, including those at Tabard Inn and the Gibson, sold out very quickly once word got out.) One event that's open to the public is the Craft Distiller's Expo at Bourbon, which features a chance to sample small-batch bourbons from High West, Redemption Rye and other boutique labels. Admission is $10, which includes "plenty of free samples," says High West's Troy Karnes, plus free sliders to snack on. Whiskey cocktails will be for sale. Doors open at 8:30, and the tasting runs until 11.

-- Fritz Hahn