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DC Brau Tasting

Beer/spirits tasting

Editorial Review

DC Brau has been busier than ever in recent months, adding brewing capacity, expanding sales into Virginia and tapping its Belgian-inspired Thyme After Thyme ale at local bars.

Now the DC Braumeisters are unveiling another project -- a version of their dark, rich Penn Quarter Porter that has been aging for six months in a pair of charred-oak barrels that once held whiskey from Virginia's Catoctin Creek distillery.

"There's a huge oak character that comes through," DC Brau co-founder Brandon Skall says proudly. "We want people to taste what a real big oak-aged beer tastes like." There's also a bit of the bourbon flavor -- "You get a lot of vanilla from the whiskey" he explains -- that should pair perfectly with the porter's dry, roasted body.

The problem: There is only enough beer to fill eight sixtel kegs (roughly five gallons each). So to spread the love around, the brewery is hosting tasting parties at six bars on six consecutive Mondays, starting next week at Boundary Stone. (Up after that: American Ice Co., ChurchKey, the Passenger, Pizzeria Paradiso and Meridian Pint.)

Given that there are only about 60 to 65 glasses of beer in each sixtel, early arrival is required. A secret tip: There will be two sixtels at Boundary Stone. The final keg will be saved for DC Brau's upcoming first anniversary party ... but we'll have more about that in the spring.

-- Fritz Hahn (Jan. 25, 2012)