Editors' pick

Elephant Man

Please note: This event has already occurred.

Editorial Review

Elephant Man is known as the Energy God. This dancehall veteran's trademark, other than his day-glo hairstyles, is a manic stage presence akin to what Busta Rhymes brings to the hip-hop world. Singles like "Jook Gal" and "Shake" with Pitbull and Ying Yang Twins faithfully bring dance floors up to his energy level. Elephant Man owns the hottest dancehall riddims like "Scoobay" by running down all the new moves like some sort of Jamaican square dance caller. You can "Get Jiggy," "Row Di Boat," do the "Summer Bounce" and the "Shelly Belly" with Father Elephant at Crossroads tonight.

-- Rhome Anderson (Jan. 2008)