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Gnomegang Tapping Party

Beer/spirits tasting

Editorial Review

Belgian brewery Brasserie D’Achouffe is known for its spiced, fruity ales, including La Chouffe and McChouffe, and the funny little elves that dot its labels. American brewery Ommegang is known for making traditional Belgian-style beers. The two share the same parent company, Belgium’s Duvel Moorgaat, and now, they share a beer, too. It’s called Gnomegang, and is described as a “Belgian-style Strong Blonde Ale” with five types of malt, two types of hops and yeast from each brewery. We wish we could tell you more, but the release party for this limited brew isn’t until Wednesday night at the Pizzeria Paradisos in Georgetown and Dupont Circle. Stop by between 5 and 7 for half-price beer ($4 per glass) and giveaways, and try the new special “Belgium meets spring on the East Coast” pizza, with lamb sausage, spring onions, Pipe Dreams goat cheese and Belgian endives.