Editors' pick

Halloween Monster Jam and Halloween Monster Bash


Editorial Review

HiBall Events, which has thrown Halloween parties for 15 years, is expanding its offerings this year with the Monster Jam, an afternoon pre-party from 4 to 8 that serves as a warm-up for the Monster Bash, which runs from 8 to 1. Both events feature the same entertainment -- cover band Burnt Sienna, rockers Mr. Greengenes and DJ Lil' Fos -- and should draw similar crowds of 25- to 35-year-old Arlingtonians.

Costume contest prizes: At the Jam, first prize is $100 and two Shamrockfest VIP tickets, with smaller prizes for the hottest and most original costume. The Monster Bash gives $200 for best costume, and $100 and $50 for the runners up, plus $50 for the most original. Entry forms are available at http://www.hiballevents.com.