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Pool party

Editorial Review

Relaxing poolside with a cold drink in hand while a DJ spins party tunes - there are few ways to make a warm summer weekend more enjoyable.

Washington has embraced the Vegas/Miami pool-party ethos in recent years, letting crowds work on their tans and splash around while enjoying all the night-life trappings. Both the Capitol Skyline Hotel and Donovan House hotel have new promoters and DJs at their pools this year, so we decided to take them both for a spin.

What's the vibe?
A hip rooftop party with artists, fashionistas and trend-setters hanging out around a small pool and cabanas.

Who's spinning?
Stereo Faith, Chris Burns, Gavin Holland, Tom Lim and Jerome Baker III -- who provide the beats at U Street Music Hall, Rock & Roll Hotel and the Warehouse Loft, among other venues -- rock summery electronic fare, pop tunes and remixes.

What's the dress code?
Summer chic, ranging from button-downs-and-boat shoes prep to tattoo-flaunting tank tops and shorts.

What's the scene in the pool?
We've seen far more people dangling their feet in the narrow, shallow pool than actually getting in the water.

What's the scene poolside?
Lots of networking and catching up at the cabana-like booths and poolside tables. It's crowded at the bar, which looks out on one of the most impressive views of any rooftop bar in Washington.

How about food and drinks?
Arrive on the early side for free beer from party sponsor Heineken, or try the new menu of $10 frozen drinks. The delicious Orange Crush (tequila, maraschino liqueur, citrus juices and orange soda) is the way to go.

What's the best time to go?
After brunch, when you want to wind up the weekend with cool grooves and cold drinks. Make sure you stick around for a stunning sunset.

-- Fritz Hahn (July 8, 2011)