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Editorial Review

Thanks to trend spotters high on enthusiasm but low on context, we have the useless term “hipster R&B” being applied to such artists as Frank Ocean, the Weeknd and J*DaVeY, who beat both of the first two blog darlings to the punch six years ago. So instead of playing yourself with taxonomy, just enjoy a musical dream come to life. Take one multi-instrumentalist with Jam & Lewis, Thom Yorke and Roger Troutman in his library, and combine with a runway model channeling Vanity 6, Grace Jones and Debbie Harry while cooing sleazy odes in a kittenish soprano and voila: You’ve got J*DaVeY. The electro-pop duo teams up with L.A. verbalist Blu and Washington chanteuse Alison Carney at Liv.

-- Rhome Anderson (April 2011)