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James Brown Happy Hour


Editorial Review

Fact number one: No one did funk like James Brown. Fact number two: Scientists have shown that only really, really uncool people can keep their booty off the dance floor when a James Brown song is playing. Fact three: Harry Hotter, Jerome Baker III, James Nasty and Johnny Blaze -- all solid DJs in their own right -- are hosting an all-James Brown dance party at U Street Music Hall between 5 and 10. You'll hear music by the Godfather himself, spin-off groups and even hip-hop songs that sampled James Brown songs. And you will dance like you have ants in your pants, you will get up offa that thing and dance until you feel better, and you will be inspired to do the James Brown. And none of this will cost you a cent.

-- Fritz Hahn (Dec. 7, 2010)