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Jump N Funk Anniversary


Editorial Review

Before modern bands revisited the multilayered, driving polyrhythmic sounds of Afrobeat, Rich Medina was the chief catalyst behind the revival of Fela Kuti's work. A studious record collector and seasoned party rocker, Medina has used his traveling Jump N Funk party to immerse party people in Kuti's mlange of American funk and Nigerian juju music. A weaver and connector, Medina turns his party into a narrative that links West African beats with b-boy soul classics and even house. His parties are joyous, sweaty affairs, so they're fitting tributes to Kuti, who mixed the spiritual and the sensual at performances that lasted from sundown to sun-up. Rich Medina celebrates 8 years of Jump N Funk this Saturday at Liv.

-- Rhome Anderson (August 2009)