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Late-Night Happy Hour

Happy hour

Editorial Review

Meridian Pint is easily one of the city's top beer bars, with 24 top-notch American varieties on tap. And whether you're sipping on a glass of Brooklyn Blast, a locally brewed Lost Rhino pilsner or a goblet of North Coast's Brother Thelonious, you know your beer is going to taste great, because the Pint's managers are fastidious about cleaning the system that carries its ales from the kegs to the taps.

You probably don't think twice about how the beer winds up in your glass, though you might the next time a familiar lager tastes oddly sour or buttery. The fault generally isn't the brewer's, but due to some sort of bacteria living in the tubes that your beer flowed through.

Meridian Pint cleans half of its 24 lines every week, and because the lines have to be emptied before being flushed with chemicals, it means the beer on that tap gets poured down the drain. To avoid wasting precious liquid, Meridian Pint has launched a Monday night happy hour: The beers on the dozen lines being cleaned the following day are sold for $3 beginning at 11 p.m.

Meridian Pint saves money, you save money and everything tastes good.

-- Fritz Hahn (Friday, Feb. 10, 2012)