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Madam's Organ

College Scene, Patio/Rooftop, Bar
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Ryan Anson

Editorial Review

Simultaneously unpretentious and artsy, Madam's Organ offers live bands every night to often rowdy crowds just a few blocks up the street from its former location. Owner Billy Duggan fills the expanded space with more people, but the core cast of characters remains the same with a wide mix of bohemians and the Adams Morgan bar-crawler set.

Following the M.O. of a typical night at Madam's Organ, an angry old Russian artist will accuse the bartender of conspiring with the CIA, or a pair of Lithuanian chefs upstairs will mediate between a Greenpeacenik and a Wired correspondent over a disputed match played on one of the two pool tables.

Given the gestalt, one might be surprised to find the Organ's rather uninspired list of beer and wine, or a menu selection with some southern cuisine, but, more often than not, limited to whether you want cheese on your burger. Prices range from $3 a pint to $14 a pitcher, and redheads drink half-priced Rolling Rocks anytime.

Eavesdrop on the conversation, ponder (but not too deeply) the decor of mounted animals, local artists' paintings and old church lamps. Or sit back, listen or dance to the blues, alternative folk and funky jazz music, and enjoy the circus that is Madam's Organ.

-- J.J. McCoy