Editors' pick

Maimouna Youssef, Navasha Daya and Cody Chesnutt


Editorial Review

Cody Chesnutt's lo-fi debut "Headphone Masterpiece," the Roots cover of his song "The Seed" and his appearance in "Dave Chappelle's Block Party" once had him flirting with stardom. Since then, he's been scarce around these parts. See what the eccentric soul rocker's been up to as he joins Fertile Ground's Navasha Daya and African drummers Farafina Kan to celebrate Maimouna Youssef's birthday with a show at Liv. Youssef's a young talent who sounds like an old spirit; like Daya, she's made her mark singing everything from jazz to aboriginal music. She's able to spit a rap verse and sing Native American songs and slave spirituals with equal authority. Common's DJ Dummy rocks the party after the show.

-- Rhome Anderson (March 2010)