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Metro Area


Editorial Review

When the influential Resident Advisor Web site picked its top 100 songs of the past decade last month, at the top of the list was "Miura," a 2001 fusion of disco, early-'80s New York electro and minimal house by the Brooklyn based-duo Metro Area. Producers/performers Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani had a ton of buzz around the turn of the millennium, thanks to a string of best-selling (and highly sought) 12-inch singles. There have been only two Metro Area releases in the last three years: a mix CD for the long-running Fabric series and a three-song, seven-inch single. The latter proves the duo hasn't lost the touch. "Read My Mind" features warm, analog-sounding synths, a bubbly two-note bassline and stacked vocal harmonies that could have come from a late-period disco record. Perfect dance floor material. Geist and Jesrani are in town this week to launch the new Bar 7 in the old Warehouse Next Door space near Mount Vernon Square.

-- Fritz Hahn (March 1, 2010)