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MF Doom Album Release Party and Karaoke Contest

Please note: This event has already occurred.

Editorial Review

MF Doom is a cryptic, verbally gifted underground anti-hero. His music demands you to pay attention, because the sardonic, multi-layered rhymes push the boundaries of clever wordplay and the double-entendres and internal rhymes fly by at a rapid pace. The only aspect of Doom that supercedes his rhymes is his weirdo villain persona. He cultivated it so carefully that when it was exposed that he was sending out body doubles to perform wearing his trademark Doctor Doom mask, it really didn't mess up his show money. If you've got what it takes to spit Doom's dense flows, sign up for MF Doom Karaoke at Lounge of Three tonight in conjunction with the release of Doom's new album "Unexpected Guests". This happy hour might be BYOM (Bring Your Own Mask).

-- Rhome Anderson (Nov. 2009)