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Negroes on Ice


Editorial Review

Prince Paul has made a career out of being ahead of the curve: He created the hip-hop skit, the first hip-hopera and the Gravediggaz project, which was horror core long before OFWGKTA. Add his stream-of-consciousness comedy project "Psychoanalysis: What Is It?" and the guest-heavy albums he released with Dan the Automator as Handsome Boy Modeling School, and you're still just touching the surface of the mad scientist of hip-hop. We don't really know what "Negroes on Ice" is all about, other than it currently exists as a crazy series of UStream videos that turn farcical hip-hop mix shows into performance art. But Prince Paul will be appearing in that guise with his son P. Forreal at Busboys & Poets, so that's more than reason enough to mention it.

-- Rhome Anderson (Nov. 28, 2011)