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New Holland Whiskey Tasting

Beer/spirits tasting
Please note: This event has already occurred.
The free whiskey tastings at Little Miss Whiskey's are generally a blast, and not just because you're sipping bourbon without spending a dime. Each event features a presentation by an industry expert, so you learn about what's in your glass. This time around, Little Miss Whiskey's welcomes the folks from Michigan's New Holland Brewery, who will be unveiling their new Beer Barrel Bourbon, a whiskey that's partially aged in the whiskey barrels that have been used to age New Holland Dragon's Milk Stout. (The joke here is that Dragon's Milk's acclaimed flavor comes from spending three or more months in used bourbon barrels.) You'll also be able to try the Zeppelin Bend whiskey, the Hatter Royale Hopped Whiskey, which is steeped in sharp Centennial hops, and Dragon's Milk Stout. No reservations are required, and although tastings are free, supplies are limited. Show up early or get shut out.