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Editorial Review

Despite the name,Notoriety is the very picture of a chilled-out midweek lounge night. Phoenix, Hall and Oates and mellower, MGMT-style electro play on the sound system, selected by hosts John Thornley and Ryan Wakeman (of the local band U.S. Royalty). Chi-Cha Lounge's bartenders serve $2 shots of tequila, $3 vodka-sodas and $6 mojitos. The casually (but fashionably) dressed crowd relaxes on couches, sharing hookahs as classic films like Jean-Luc Goddard's wildly vivid "Pierrot le Fou" play silently on screens overhead. In short, the perfect way to start easing towards the weekend. Doors for the free party open at 8, but don't expect much of a crowd before 10.

-- Fritz Hahn (Updated March 30, 2009)