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Peach Pit


Editorial Review

For the last year, the monthly Peach Pit dance party at Dahlak has kept crowds dancing to the Fugees, the Breeders, the Spice Girls and dozens of other '90s artists. But starting this week, DJ Matt Bailer is carting his Deee-Lite and Color Me Badd records to Liv every month. (This is at least a big a move as when the Walshes left snowy Minneapolis for sunny "Beverly Hills, 90210.") Everything fans have come to expect will remain the same: There's no cover charge and no dress code, and it's open to everyone 18 and older. Bailer, who also spins at the nomadic Mixtape DJ night and rocked the last Hirshhorn After Hours event, will be joined by DJ Shea Van Horn of Mixtape for this housewarming party.

-- Fritz Hahn (Dec. 7, 2010)