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Peruvian Independence Day Celebration


Editorial Review

There's something about July that foments revolution -- The U.S., Argentina and Belgium are among the countries that celebrated their independence days this month. On July 28, it's Peru's turn, marking 188 years since separation from Spain. Celebrate Peruvian Independence Day with a refreshing pisco sour -- the national drink of Peru -- at a party sponsored by the Peruvian Embassy in Poste's lovely courtyard. (The pisco sour, one of the world's great cocktails, mixes pisco, a liqueur made from fermented grapes, with egg white, simple syrup, bitters and either lemon or lime juice.) Even better: pisco sours are $5 all night. The $5 admission benefits Coprodeli, a Peruvian charity that offers job training and education to disadvantaged families.

-- Fritz Hahn (July 21, 2009)