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Editorial Review

So you have a taste for hip-hop and you want to dance, but you're looking for more than today's collection of No Child Left Behind rappers (the various permutations of Youngs, Yungs and Lils). You can still dig a good, ignorant club hit, but you'd prefer that it's not the only hue in your party palette, and you don't want to wear slacks and hard shoes to earn the privilege of such a mix. Where should you go? Usually, we'd say there aren't many options, but DJ Cam Jus (listen) steps into this void tonight with the launch of his Primo party at Selam. There's no bottle service at Selam. You'll only get hit for $4 at the door and you can even dodge that if you arrive before 11:30 p.m. Expect uptempo club music that connects nicely with hip-hop you can dance to, including dancehall, go-go and R&B.

-- Rhome Anderson (May 2009)