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Robert Burns Dinner

Beer/spirits tasting

Editorial Review

This week, Scotophiles around the world will don kilts and raise glasses in memory of Robert Burns, the 18th-century writer regarded as Scotland's national poet. And, of course, they eat haggis - the traditional dish of a sheep's organs prepared with oatmeal, onions and spices, and cooked in the sheep's stomach - while listening to a reading of Burns's famous "Address to a Haggis." At Mad Fox Brewing's five-course Burns Night supper, the haggis will be served with the usual "tatties and neeps" -- turnips and potatoes -- and brewer Bill Madden's 80 Shilling Scottish Ale, a rich, malty beer that should be perfect with offal. (If you're queasy about haggis, there's also grilled leg of lamb and Scottish salmon paired with special brews, including Madden's award-winning Wee Heavy Scottish Ale.) A bagpiper and poetry readings complete the festive atmosphere.