Editors' pick

Roger Sanchez


Editorial Review

If you're looking for the consummate professional house DJ, Roger Sanchez might be it. His annual mix CD series, "Release Yourself," is up to volume 8. He has a podcast with over 1 million listeners. He's had a song ("Another Chance") go to No. 1 on European singles charts. He's a regular on DJ Magazine's Top 100 list. He's had multi-year summer residencies at clubs on the Spanish party island of Ibiza. Oh, and he's got a "Best Remixed Recording" Grammy for reworking No Doubt's single "Hella Good." All of this is nothing, though, if you can't get a crowd moving. From personal experience, we can tell you the S Man's grooves are golden. He's making a rare lounge appearance - not a big-club showcase - at Josephine, which means a chance to get up-close-and-personal while you get down, even if the dance floor isn't as large as some others around town. No advance tickets will be sold; the only way to get in is to try your luck and pay $30 at the door or book a table (minimums start at $1,000 for eight people).