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Run for Cover


Editorial Review

One of the most enjoyable nights of the year at the Black Cat is the annual Run for Cover benefit show - when local musicians form one-time supergroups and play cover songs in ways you’ve probably never heard. Seeing the list of bands and guessing what they’ll play is always part of the fun. This year’s list: Su-Su-Suicide, White Brigade, Diff’rent Strokes, the Roasters, Gaga Gaga Hey, Faux Doubt, People of the Sun and Robot Rock. So we’re thinking Phil Collins-style No Wave (Su-Su-Suicide); Ramones-style Lady Gaga (Gaga Gaga Hey); and funk-style Strokes (Diff’rent Strokes). It’s always a good time and benefits another annual D.C. gem, the Fort Reno summer concert series.

--David Malitz, July 26, 2011