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Samuel Adams Beer Tasting

Beer/spirits tasting
Please note: This event has already occurred.
Samuel Adams was a pioneer of the craft-brewing movement, but its ubiquitousness at bars and all-too-frequent TV commercials mean that beer fans generally overlook it in favor of trendier, hoppier products. (It tastes good, but do you really want to drink what your uncool dad drinks?) What gets lost is that Sam Adams makes many beers beyond Boston Lager and seasonal ales. Today's Samuel Adams tasting at Meridian Pint is a chance to try eight beers that get overlooked, including the Grumpy Monk Belgian IPA, the Third Voyage Double IPA and the extra-strength Griffin's Bow barley wine. The star, though, is Utopias, an aged beer that tastes more like a port and sells for $190 a bottle. (You'll pay $12 for a shot, but at least you can say you tried it.) All Sam Adams beers will be on happy-hour prices all night.