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Skratch Makaniks Takeover


Editorial Review

The Skratch Makaniks crew from Philadelphia is a group of turntablists without superstar profiles but with super skills. They didn't go the battle route; most of them made their names in the clubs and on the airwaves with that rare blend of vicious technique in a party-rocking context. It's not easy to drop hardcore turntablism into a club set, make it sound good and still keep the dance floor moving, but this collective specializes in just that. They're the prototype of a DJ's DJ. Mention Jay Ski or Kwestion to any jock with a hip-hop background who takes his craft seriously, and he'll probably raise his eyebrows and exhale heavily. Skratch Makaniks members Excel and Impulse take over Eyebar tonight for a special set welcoming Excel back east after last year's move to Los Angeles.

-- Rhome Anderson (June 2009)