Skyline Saturdays


Editorial Review

The weekly Adult Swim pool party, which made its debut on the Liaison Hotel's rooftop deck last summer, was an attempt to bring the exclusive nightclub atmosphere outdoors for the season. Take the DJs and bottle service you'd find at Lima or Fly, but with D&G swimsuits instead of party dresses, and sunlight instead of strobe lights. But $500 minimums to be able to sit down next to a pool? Washingtonians weren't buying it, and the hotel Adult Swim was cancelled last month. So when Skyline Saturdays - basically Adult Swim 2.0 - makes its debut at the Capitol Skyline's pool this weekend, there won't be VIP areas or minimums for tables, and admission will be free from noon to 2 p.m., and $15 after that. Expect more people working on their tans than splashing around in the huge pool. DJs from Midtown, Mate and other hotspots spin "sexy summer anthems" while live musicians play along. Consider this the pre-party for your Saturday night on the town.