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Taint, the five-year-old dance party that was founded to give D.C.'s gay indie-loving crowd an alternative to the Madonna/Cher/remix-fueled club scene, is wrapping up Sunday after one last party. And what a party it should be. Expect DJs spanning Taint's lifespan, including Ca$$idy (Garutachi), K La Rock (First Ladies DJ Collective), Bill Spieler (Liberation Dance Party) and Gavin Holland (Nouveau Riche) providing rock, electro and hip-hop beats for a room of dressed-down, ready-to-dance revelers. On a normal holiday weekend, the line outside DC9 can stretch down to the corner of U Street. Since this is Equality march weekend and the final Taint ever, we suggest getting there extra early.

-- Fritz Hahn (Oct. 6, 2009)