Editors' pick

Taking the Piss

DJ night

Editorial Review

Britpop and indie rock DJ nights pop up all over Washington, but few are as full of surprises as Taking the Piss. Delicate twee pop, noisy English bands and jangly American guitar groups all get airtime, as do angular post-punk, classic Teenbeat Records singles, C86 and lush shoegazing anthems. You won't find the dancefloor filling anthems that you'd hear at, say, Mousetrap, but this five-year-old event is more about listening to the music than getting your groove on. Every month features at least one guest DJ, and you'll get your share of D.C. indie-pop legends: Members of Velocity Girl, Eggs, Barcelona, Lorelei and Boyracer alongside the folks behind long-running nights like Bliss and We Fought the Big One.

-- Fritz Hahn (October 2007)