The All-Star Burlesque Birthday Bash


Editorial Review

The Red Palace has emerged from the combination of the Palace of Wonders and the neighboring Red and the Black bar. Some things feel kind of awkward -- to get to the upstairs stage, you have to walk through the former Palace of Wonders ground-floor bar, which turns into a makeshift dancefloor when there's a DJ down there. But the upstairs, which has its own bar, is a much larger space to see bands and, in the Palace tradition, burlesque. Here's a perfect excuse to check out a show: New York burlesque promoter Casino O'Fortune Cookie -- run by dancers Anita Cookie and Clams Casino -- is bringing some Big Apple naughtiness to H Street. (Baltimore's Kay Sera is repping for the locals.) Expect music, audience participation games and other fun between performers.

-- Fritz Hahn (Dec. 7, 2010)