Trivia at Stoney's

Games night

Editorial Review

Good luck getting a seat at the recently revamped and increasingly popular trivia night on the second floor of Logan Circle's divey destination for beer and grilled cheese. Once trivia kicks off at 8 p.m., it's typically standing room only for the low-key affair, which consists of five rounds of 10 questions plus a P.E.-inspired interlude (we'll get to that in a second).

When Justin Glass and Mike Haigis took over hosting duties in September, they decided to make some changes, which meant adding a speed round (usually a sheet of pictures that range from identifying movie stills to interpreting Google Doodles) and a final audio round of "Name That Tune."

Glass, who says he and Haigis are always on the hunt for ways to spice up the event, recently added a round inspired by the basketball game knockout for the chance to score shots. A single envoy from each team lines up single file and, during his or her turn, has to answer a question -- recent examples include naming a Shakespearean play or a movie with Tom Cruise. Hesitation, a repeated response or a wrong answer and the player is out; the last person standing (with an impressive knowledge of the obscure, such as "Pericles, Prince of Tyre") wins.

It's kind of like a quirky seventh-inning stretch -- a good excuse to walk around and, if you're lucky, wet your whistle.

Pro tip: It wouldn't hurt to look at weekly box office numbers before showing up.

The prizes: $50 for first place; $25 for second; a bottle of wine for third.

-- Stephanie Merry (March 15, 2012)