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Underground Rebel Bingo Club

DJ night, Games night

Editorial Review

The Howard Theatre officially reopened two weeks ago, but the party planners at Brightest Young Things are just getting around to hosting their kick-off party. It should be an interesting night, too: The District's own DJ Gavin Holland, of the long-running Nouveau Riche parties, spins alongside Nancy Whang, formerly of dance-punk stars LCD Soundsystem, and the Juan McLean, and Brooklyn-based producer Bit Funk. The centerpiece of it all is the Underground Rebel Bingo Club, a bawdy, over-the-top version of your grandma's favorite evening pastime. After attending a one-off bingo night at the Fillmore last year, we can tell you to expect lots of R-rated jokes, silly prizes - such as an inflatable zebra swimming pool or a large boombox, which the winner proceeded to smash onstage - and a crowd that's ready to drink, holler "bingo," heckle the winners and get really, really into the game as the night goes on. This is the first BYT party at the Howard, but there several more in the works, including a summer Pride party.