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Vaudeville Nouveau


Editorial Review

Over the last few years, Washington audiences have gotten used to the edgy new school of side show acts -- strip tease, sword swallowing, guys having concrete blocks broken over their chests with sledgehammers -- without really getting a taste of vaudeville, the turn-of-the-century acts like comedians, ventriloquists, magicians that so amused your great-grandparents. But that's changing in New York, where groups like Vaudeville Nouveau are reincarnating the genre. It's about entertaining as much as shocking -- they have jugglers and escape artists alongside the dancers. Vaudeville Nouveau is on the road and making a stop at the Palace of Wonders tonight (where else?) and if you think you've seen enough of the old sideshow acts, you might want to head out to H Street and get a glimpse of something new -- er, we mean, something old.

-- Fritz Hahn (June 2009)