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Zwanze Day

Beer/spirits tasting
Please note: This event has already occurred.
Once a year, Belgium’s Cantillon brewery releases a limited number of kegs of a one-time-only beer called Zwanze at 35 beer bars around the world, and Belgian beer fans get very, very excited. ChurchKey is again one of those lucky bars and will have Zwanze 2012 — reportedly a tart beer with rhubarb soaked in lambic ale — on tap, along with a two-year-old unblended Cantillon lambic. (Fritz tried the latter during his recent trip to Brussels, and it’s very tart and very tasty.) The beer starts flowing at 3 p.m., but the bar gets packed much earlier than that. Tide yourself over with bottles of Cantillon, including gueze, the unblended Iris lambic or the Fou Foune apricot-flavored lambic.