Black Rooster Pub


Editorial Review

The Black Rooster Pub, once one of L Street's great after-work bars, reopened in April of 2000 after being closed for more than a year for refurbishment. Before it closed, the bar's main feature were the dart boards - the Rooster had a well-earned reputation for fielding some of the city's best darts teams in the '70s and '80s. But let's be honest: the place was a dive. Now, the Rooster sports dark-colored wood, high-backed barstools, and huge mirrors etched with beer and liquor logos – the place is definitely going for the "traditional pub" feeling, then. (And yes, the dart lanes remain in the front of the bar.)

But even after a full-on makeover, there's still something not quite right here. The long copper bar, fancy wood carvings and stained glass running along the ceiling are nice touches; but the Black Rooster still lacks that certain something that separates the great bars from those you visit because they're close to the office. Until it can peck around and find out what's missing, the Black Rooster belongs to the latter category.

Come to think of it, though, that might just be what L Street needs.

– Fritz Hahn