Cancun Cantina


Editorial Review

The Cancun Cantina seems like a natural place for young country dancing enthusiasts to flock to, because you're literally in the middle of it.

Country enthusiasm aside, Cancun Cantina is the ideal place to go if you're sick of D.C. pretension or want to get away from the area but have run out of vacation time. It's not just country western, it's Daytona Beach, too. The two dance floors are huge, the crowd is young and bikini-clad women serve beer.

The Cancun Cantina is also an ideal place to go if you like the country aesthetic, but have no desire to boot scoot. Chances are, if you're asked to dance and just don't feel like kicking up your heels, you're potential partner will stick around to talk -- it's perfectly acceptable to sit around the perimeter of the dance floor and watch the pros put on a show.

There are free lessons Tuesday through Friday, 7:30 to 9.

-- April Umminger