Colonel Brooks' Tavern

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Editorial Review

Six nights out of the week, Colonel Brooks' is a relaxing place to grab a hearty meal and some delectable cheesecake on the sleepy side of North Capitol Street. On the seventh night -- Tuesday -- the place hardly rests from 8 to 11 when it serves up some of the best Dixieland jazz in the District. The foot-tapping and hand-clapping are infectious; and whether you're a fan of Dixieland or not, it's hard to avoid a little chill when a smooth clarinet wails into a powerful solo.

Since the tavern charges no cover, you can spend your savings sampling the slightly Southern dishes on the menu. These include a bevy of burgers, a few steak and chicken dishes and hot sandwiches. The prices are moderate -- most of the entrees are in the $9 to $15 range, and a pint of beer is about $4. The beer selection, by the way, is one of the most diverse around.

The Red Line Metro stop is right across the street from the venue's Eighth and Monroe NE location. Despite this, driving is advisable when not in a large group, and a parking area in the back offers plenty of room.

-- Michael Dowd

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