ENO Wine Room


Editorial Review

Georgetown's newest wine bar aims to focus on flights, and the row house they're served in has been made airy and inviting. ENO wine bar is a national chain with locations in San Francisco and Chicago, among other cities, and it's planted its latest flag at 2810 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in a former clothing store next to the Four Seasons Georgetown Hotel.

The two-story, 72-seat bar features eight wines on tap, and many more by the bottle and glass, with a focus on local Virginia wineries. The restaurant's wine cellar can hold more than 2,000 bottles at a time. Prices will average around $9 for a glass, and there will be plenty of bottle offerings under $50.

ENO is planning to focus on flights, but not just of wine -- they'll also be offering cheese, chocolate, and charcuterie, all from local providers like D.C.'s Stachowski’s, Virginia's Gearhart's, and Maryland's Firefly Farms. There will be a few prepared dishes, like deviled eggs, grilled sandwiches, and bruschetta -- which, yes, comes in flights. For those who aren't very wine-inclined, ENO will offer some local brews and ciders, including DC Brau.

--Maura Judkis, October 2013